Rembangan / Jember

Rembangan is een plaatsje, ongeveer 12 km ten noorden van Jember. Het ligt in de bergen.

The road to Rembangan has many dragonfruit orchards along it. There are also several coffee plantations in the area, which are open to the public on working days. As of 2011 there is no public transport to the peak, although motorcycles or cars can be rented for the journey. The road, with its many turns and sharp drops, is dangerous for large busses, and fatal accidents have occurred; one, in 2002, caused the deaths of 22 passengers.
In Rembangan there is a hotel, built during the Dutch colonial period, which has 41 rooms. The hotel and its environs, including a pool and gardens, are used for rest and relaxation. On the grounds of the hotel is a dragonfruit orchard with approximately 600 plants; the fruit may be picked, for a fee.

Er is daar ook de Agro koffie Plantage Rayap, waar koffie geproefd kan worden.

Uitzicht op Jember-stad

Rembangan, uitzicht bij avond op Jember


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