Tjap Toenjoengan Night Market
Elk jaar rond mei / juni.
Tunjungan area is famous since ancient times to the entertainment and pleasure. An area that is almost at the word right in the center of Surabaya, close to government offices, major roads. Night markets are Tjap Toenjoengan culinary event that has become an annual event in the city of Surabaya.
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Tjap Toenjoengan Night Market offers a variety of culinary famous and packed nicely decorated home in the past that characterized a typical Javanese folk entertainment such as campursari easterlies, ketoprak and step on the screen.

Surabaya Shopping Festival
Wordt gehouden in mei.
Approaching the anniversary of the city of Surabaya, every year there is a big event that was held in almost all shopping centers in Surabaya city was named Surabaya Shopping Festival or commonly known by the abbreviation SSF. This shopping festival is expected by most people because of the discounts offered are very tempting. Just imagine if the things we want are given a discount of 30 percent to 70 percent.
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Surabaya Culture Parade
In late April, the Surabaya Culture Parade commemorates the anniversary of the city, which is now over 700 years old. This popular event features an array of performing arts and costumed processions, and often runs well into May, with the first parade starting at the Tugu Pahlawan monument.
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